chaotic inspiration: Still photography

The composition and arrangement of the elements is what differenciates a good still life photography from a bad one. The photographer is expected to be able to form a still life shot with a refined sense of lighting, coupled with compositional skills. They make a picture not only take one.

Martin Valin
I dont have much regarding his bio, but ill let you discover his work which tells us enough. He’s based in Stockolm, and has some editorial fashion photography worth watching. You can check his blog over here and the rest of his portfolio over here.

Olvier Pasqual
He has his own studio in Switzerland. His work shows a singular and recognisable vocabulary,( (if such word would exist in photography). He graduated from ECAL in 2005, meaning yes he’s young and talented. His portafolio is of an absurd maturity and originality of how far can one push still life.


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