Dame Mola.

Mola: /(n)/ The mola forms part of the traditional costume of a Kuna woman, two mola panels being incorporated as front and back panels in a blouse. In Dulegaya, the Kuna’s native language, “mola” means “shirt” or “clothing”. The mola originated with the tradition of Kuna women painting their bodies with geometrical designs, using available natural colours; in later years these same designs were woven in cotton, and later still, sewn using cloth bought from the European settlers of Panamá.

What can i say? I’m adicted to Molas. I find them authentical, traditional and inspirational. Their geometric figures are not geometric at all. They are handmade, hence crooked, hence beautifull. Animals and flowers are all shown in there most simplest form possible. No details and yet recognisable. The intricate designs capture my attention completely. The illustrations incorporate both traditional and modern elements. The use of colour is a lesson to be learned. “Early mola designs were related to pre-Hispanic body painting; today, mola designs may include abstract geometric designs, motifs from the natural world, or Kuna legends.” What could the outcome artowrk be, for themes related to politics and popular culture?

I wonder what a graphic designer could do with such a technique? We are so fond of geometrical perfection and colour combinations, and have driven these concepts away from it’s initial beauty and into the grey world of corporate and packaging design. Well, i guess it’s time to go back to basics and explore the realm of possibilities given by our ancestors. I’m a Colombian inspired by Molas and i certainly believe that this attraction towards them is strongly linked with what i see behind the artwork: it reminds me of home. I guess sometimes inspiration has been standing there all along, written by history, and waiting for us to grab it.


Pixels make you fat.

Weeks and weeks of work trying to understand an extremely simple brief + More weeks drawing pixelmania + Couple of minutes selling the idea to Iggesund + 1 week to print the artwork + 2 days of filming + Gazillien hours of Stephane’s admirable work + 2 days of transportation to bring them to Paris + Many, many emails sent to motivate people to help us out + 1 long weekend building and sticking 20,000 pixels on blackboards + 42 pizzas + 2 hours lost picking the van that got towed away + 25 brownies + 1 week of film production to show the complexity of it all = Iggesund’s black Box by Landor.

// check out the entire story, better told over here
/// And the video here

oh sister

“Clients always have a choice. They can hire you or they can hire someone else.” Michael Bierut. Graphic Design: A User’s Manual.

“Graphic Designer’s Syndrome is caused by becoming so wrapped up in the craft of design that we neglect to properly explain to our clients what we are showing them when we present our work. Like an eager-to-please puppy, we just throw down a chewed stick and say: ‘Look how clever I am. ” Adrian Shaughnessy // Graphic Design: A User’s Manual.

” There’s nothing easier for a client than rejecting or brainlessly modifying work when someone with no personal stake in the project is charged with presenting it.” On Accoun handling // Graphic Design: A Users Manual

” Graphic design is only rarely a solo activity.” Graphic Design: A Users Manual.

” In book work, the best layouts appear to have designed themselves.” Derek Birdsall // Graphic Design: A Users Manual.

” By turning design into branding we’ve allowed creativity to pass into their control. By abandoning its mystique for the dull science of branding, we’ve lost the one incalculable gift we can give our clients : the rebel yell of genuine creative vision. We’ve swapped this for a branded world of sameness.” On branding. Graphic Design: A User’s Manual.

Colours and Crayons and magazine cuts

I feel i have abandoned writting for some time. And dew to changing circumstances i have been faced to a threatening blank page and vague ideas lingering in my mind without no clue of how to grab them and write them down. It’s odd how sentences come only by bits and pieces, words and emotions. They come and go.

Cleaning out the closet.

It took me more than a weet to clean-out my computer. I had barely any space left, so a massive menage was needed. To my surprise i found some pretty old stuff, illustrations mainly, and sentences with absolutely no meaning. I do love to draw and right nonsense at the same time.

Inspired by my dear chibchombianos.




Bici and me.

El busetero.


Rain and pigeons.



Wason at my backyard.

Rafa drunk.


Conchita and Jaimico.

Lil’ Citroën.

Today i saw some pictures of Citroën’s Girona concession and i couldn’t help but smile. Landor’s work for Citroën’s brand identity was gigantic, exhausting, meticulous, everlasting but in in the end fullfilling. The plus on all of this is realizing that they took my illustrations for the kid’s corner.