Sunday Inspiration.

Friday i went to Lieu du design to the Meet my project vernisage. Many beautifull people, not so much to drink and some amazing objects. I had no choice but to share some with you. The exhibition will only last 4 days, but i highly recommend if you’re in town before the 25th to hop by.


// Angell Wyller Aarseth

// Vincent Loiret

// Naruse Inokuma Architects

// Matali Crasset


Dame Mola.

Mola: /(n)/ The mola forms part of the traditional costume of a Kuna woman, two mola panels being incorporated as front and back panels in a blouse. In Dulegaya, the Kuna’s native language, “mola” means “shirt” or “clothing”. The mola originated with the tradition of Kuna women painting their bodies with geometrical designs, using available natural colours; in later years these same designs were woven in cotton, and later still, sewn using cloth bought from the European settlers of Panamá.

What can i say? I’m adicted to Molas. I find them authentical, traditional and inspirational. Their geometric figures are not geometric at all. They are handmade, hence crooked, hence beautifull. Animals and flowers are all shown in there most simplest form possible. No details and yet recognisable. The intricate designs capture my attention completely. The illustrations incorporate both traditional and modern elements. The use of colour is a lesson to be learned. “Early mola designs were related to pre-Hispanic body painting; today, mola designs may include abstract geometric designs, motifs from the natural world, or Kuna legends.” What could the outcome artowrk be, for themes related to politics and popular culture?

I wonder what a graphic designer could do with such a technique? We are so fond of geometrical perfection and colour combinations, and have driven these concepts away from it’s initial beauty and into the grey world of corporate and packaging design. Well, i guess it’s time to go back to basics and explore the realm of possibilities given by our ancestors. I’m a Colombian inspired by Molas and i certainly believe that this attraction towards them is strongly linked with what i see behind the artwork: it reminds me of home. I guess sometimes inspiration has been standing there all along, written by history, and waiting for us to grab it.

En colombia se habla el mejor español.

Me gustaria saber quien dijo esto? Tantas expresiones tipicamente colombianas que enriquecen el diccionario de la Real Academia Española diariamente y que nos diferencian aun mas de nuestros paises vecinos. Solo es cuestion de tener una conversacion de diez minutos con algun guey, o para no ir tan lejos, con un chamo y ya la cabra se fué pal monte. Siempre fiel a las graficas populares y lenguajes graficos, le he seguido el rastro a popular de lujo desde hace un par de años. Y esta vez se lucieron*

“Candela, bochorno, percha, calidoso: tratamos de que las expresiones escogidas cubrieran diferentes regiones y grupos sociales y que fueran expresiones que, en general, todo colombiano entiende pero que pueden resultar extrañas para un extranjero. Jugando a definir estas expresiones y con la ayuda de joyas gráficas de las que estan cundidas nuestras ciudades, aspiramos que los carteles den una idea, al otro lado del charco, sobre nuestras maneras de ser y de hacer.” PopularDeLujo

Estas son la clase de propuestas dignas de Chibchombia. Esto é! Si quieren saber mas sobre el proyecto cliquéen aqui.

chaotic inspiration: Still photography

The composition and arrangement of the elements is what differenciates a good still life photography from a bad one. The photographer is expected to be able to form a still life shot with a refined sense of lighting, coupled with compositional skills. They make a picture not only take one.

Martin Valin
I dont have much regarding his bio, but ill let you discover his work which tells us enough. He’s based in Stockolm, and has some editorial fashion photography worth watching. You can check his blog over here and the rest of his portfolio over here.

Olvier Pasqual
He has his own studio in Switzerland. His work shows a singular and recognisable vocabulary,( (if such word would exist in photography). He graduated from ECAL in 2005, meaning yes he’s young and talented. His portafolio is of an absurd maturity and originality of how far can one push still life.

chaotic inspiration

My intentions of writting only and exclusively about what i’ve done are ending today. There is way too much beautifull things out there, to simply have an egocentric discours. My folder of inspirations is only getting bigger and bigger. Time to share some stuff.

Paco Peregrin is a leyend. You have to admire the way he can make a painting out of any face. I know little about him, and yet i was inmediately attracted to his work. Spanish photographer with a brilliant carrier.

Michael David Adams inspiring and simple. His black and white portraits are what makes me want to do this. His based in NY and im hoping to see more of his work in Europe magazines.