Landor decided to go green. Better now than never i guess. We needed to start at our own offices. The inside attitude needed to change for good: The amount of paper used by creatives printing random files, or the 110 slide powerpoint prez printed twice (by mistake of course), or even the 3x1meter print-out for the reception’s clumsy welcome, where some anti eco-friendly gestures of the office.

Luckily people where aware of this and what could have been a dreadful moral campaign, ended up being pure fun and creative process where many got involved, and others just went with flow. Reminders placed around the offices, big posters on the stairs, recycled green boats on every desk and a launching video changed the office panorama for a couple of weeks. Tangible results are yet to be measured, but i’ll keep you posted on that. šŸ™‚


Pixels, the end.

Pixels make you fat.

Weeks and weeks of work trying to understand an extremely simple brief + More weeks drawing pixelmania + Couple of minutes selling the idea to Iggesund + 1 week to print the artwork + 2 days of filming + Gazillien hours of Stephane’s admirable work + 2 days of transportation to bring them to Paris + Many, many emails sent to motivate people to help us out + 1 long weekend building and sticking 20,000 pixels on blackboards + 42 pizzas + 2 hours lost picking the van that got towed away + 25 brownies + 1 week of film production to show the complexity of it all = Iggesund’s black Box by Landor.

// check out the entire story, better told over here
/// And the video here

Lil’ CitroĆ«n.

Today i saw some pictures of CitroĆ«n’s Girona concession and i couldn’t help but smile. Landor’s work for CitroĆ«n’s brand identity was gigantic, exhausting, meticulous, everlasting but in in the end fullfilling. The plus on all of this is realizing that they took my illustrations for the kid’s corner.